Just as our training program focuses on the confidence of the horse, our lesson program fosters confidence in the rider/handler.  Our lesson program is custom tailored to meet the specific individual goals of the student.  Whether you aspire to enter the show ring, master the trail or just become a better communicator with your equine partner, we can help you achieve success. 

Placing particular emphasis on solid fundamentals, our program develops the necessary skills for you to become the effective leader your horse needs you to be, both on the ground and in the saddle.

Areas of focus include:

  • Ground handling techniques
  • Equine care and management
  • Methods for establishing and maintaining safety for both yourself and your horse, both on the ground and while mounted
  • Correct and effective use of the seat, legs and hands and how they help achieve and maintain frame, collection, transitions and body control

Lessons are usually private in order to maximize individual attention and can be arranged to accommodate busy schedules.