Regardless of breed or discipline, age or activity, our training program centers around creating a bond of trust between horse and human.  Much like our personal relationships, that trust cannot be demanded or obtained through force or must be earned.  Once that level of trust is established, in the absence of fear, the horse's mind is opened.  It is only then that true learning can occur.

We utilize the horse's innate tendencies and thought processes to encourage him to do whatever it is we ask, building his confidence in us along the way.  As his confidence increases, so does his eagerness and willingness to participate in activities with his human partner.  In this manner a foundation is laid that will prove to be the cornerstone for all endeavors in the future.

        Our program includes:

  • Ground work
  • Colt starting
  • Specfic issues/problem areas/vices (with particular focus on horses that have had previous unpleasant/traumatic experiences)
  • Show ring preparation/strategies
  • Trail work/obstacles
  • Fear/spookiness
  • Trailer loading
  • Clipping
  • Conditioning


 A 6-year-old Arabian gelding, two-time adoptee from an equine rescue facility, during his second session at Oakleigh.  Three previous attempts at riding him had been made prior to his arrival, all three of which resulted in riders being unseated.  His previous trainer believed him to be unrideable and recommended that his current owner return him to the rescue facility.